Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thirty Days of Me...Days 9 and 10

After this post, I'll be back on track.

Day 9 is sharing a picture of you and your friends.

Here's one of me and my friend, Rose, at last year's Flambeau parade with her youngest sneaking into the picture.

My friend, Amy and I after putting up my greenhouse, hers followed. 

I have a few other friends, but I'm not sure where their pictures are right now.  I have them on paper, but am being to lazy to scan anything today.

Day 10 is something I'm afraid of.  That's of hard because I'm not really a fearful person.  There is one thing that causes me great worry though sometimes and that is something happening to my mother.  Her mother died 14 years ago of Lou Gehrig's Disease shortly after our oldest was born.  For the longest time, anytime my mother would be on a new medication for the pesky migraines, I would freak out.  My mother can barely handle Tylenol, much less hard core meds.  I can always tell she's taken something because her speech sounds like a stroke victim.  One time I was certain they had overdosed her and was frantic because I'm 800 miles away.  One time she came in to visit me for the weekend after being on some crazy diet and I could hardly keep myself together while she was here because she was so thin and all I saw every time I looked at her was my mammaw.  I know she'll die some day, but I will handle it much better if it's just old age and not some horrific disease like my grandmother had.  This is really out of character for me because honestly I don't worry about much.  I know my children are always surrounded by and that they're always safe from harm, but for some reason the way my mammaw died just freaked me out where my mother is concerned.

I suppose I should add that I'm don't like being outside in the dark...not even in my own backyard!  That comes from watching too many CSI episodes where you never know what might jump out and get you.  Nope, I would call my mother to talk to on the phone each night this past winter when I'd go out to adjust the heater with the flashlight in hand!  If she wasn't available I'd sing out loud or make my girls or husband "help" me!  I am a chicken, I'll admit.  I also lock doors, but I consider that just plain smart.


  1. Thank you for loving me so much. Mother

  2. These sound like reasonable fears!!! Especially worrying about your Mom. Well, especially about being out in the dark too!!! LOLOL.

  3. You are completely understandable in your fears. Just as I am in getting Alzheimer's like my Mom. My father in law passed away on 2/14 from PLS. It is a lot like ALS but it takes many, many more years to kill a person. He had this disease for 20+ years. It was really hard on him the last few years. And difficult for us to watch. And I am afraid of being in the dark too!