Tuesday, July 26, 2011

East Austin Succulents

It's been several weeks since we made went on the succulent road trip, but I still have to share my finds from East Austin Succulents.  I'm just going to say that this place could be dangerous!  I have very little, if any, self control when I'm in a greenhouse loaded with succulents.  I don't have all the names, but here's what I found.

I think he said this is a 'Luna' Echeveria
Kalanchoe...she's burgundy, not sure the variety
I can't remember the same, but adore this variegated guy!

He didn't know the name either, but it looks like elk horns.
Cutsie little Crassula

Kalanchoe 'Scallops'...see the babies that are growing on the leaves?  That's why she came home with me!
Another Echeveria

That's it for East Austin Succulent's haul!  I've said it before, but it's a really good thing that this nursery is also 1 1/2 hours from my house.  I could get in serious trouble!  Other than my fun finds, I really enjoyed talking to the owner about different plants and loved that he treats his collection to fun music.  Very unique place, and if you're ever in Austin, you should definitely swing by.

As always, if you know the names of the ones I missed or if I got any wrong, please do tell! 


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Palmer Sedum

When my mother, Amy and I went to the Succulent Seminar at Shades of Green in June, a lady was asking the presenter if they ever stocked Palmer Sedum. He wasn't sure what that one was, but I remembered seeing it at another nursery and pointing it out to Amy that this was the stuff we had.  We had pictures of it on our phones/cameras, and asked her if this was what she was looking for.  Her reply was, "Yes, I lost mine during the winter freeze."  I told her I'd give her my number after the class and that she was welcome to come by and get some.  She offered to pay, and I thought that was silly considering I had plenty of it and the original pieces were given to be by a coworker years before.  She was going on a trip, but told me she'd call me when she got back.

Fast forward a few weeks. I received a text from this lady one day at work asking if I still had any Palmer Sedum up for grabs, and if I did, could I leave some on the porch and she'd leave money.  Recalling that I already told her a few times when we met that I'd be happy to give it to her, I realized that if she was offering to pay that I should just let her.  The funny thing was, my devotion that morning had been about realizing you "can do" something.  It asked the reader what was it that others were always encouraging them that they could do, but yet you couldn't grasp.  That was what prompted me to say "okay" to the thought of taking money for my succulents. 

I couldn't decide whether to sit out 4 or 5 of the 4-inch pots I had started weeks before.  It's been so hot here that I wasn't happy with the size of them, so I settled on 5.  I set them out in the morning with a note thanking her and came home to a $10 bill tucked under the mat with a thank you note to me!

I was thrilled!  She got a bargain of a deal, and I was pleased to have had the opportunity. 

Palmer Sedum


Monday, July 11, 2011


I suppose I get my name of Side Tracked Annie naturally.  I've got a detailed list for the next four days so that I'll be ready to get our girls, but I made the mistake of sitting down and now I'm not sure I'll get much else done tonight.  I knocked out two errands during lunch, so I suppose I'm a day ahead in that area...surely that counts for something though.  I brought my list home tonight and made it through about half of it. 

The guinea pig has a clean cage and trimmed nails, the girls sheets are clean and the kitchen counter is once again visible.  Miss Hedgie was none to happy about the toenail trim, she nibbled me twice and then shrieked when I drew blood, accidentally of course.  I felt bad, so we called it a night.  I usually get a picture of her enjoying the outdoor time, but tonight I forgot my camera and with all the cats around, I can't leave her alone.  This was the major chore for the night, so all in all, I consider it a successful evening!

I really wish that I could get better about staying focused, but I suppose getting sidetracked is the price this multi-tasker must pay.  Even if everything doesn't get done, it does make for a much more exciting evening!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visit to Spicewood Spines

This past Saturday, Amy and I went on a road trip of sorts with our husbands to Spicewood, Texas.  I'm really not sure what all is in Spicewoods, but Spicewood Spines was our destination.  In case you're wondering what that's all about...succulents of course!  We ended up going to another really cool place in Austin called East Austin Succulents, but I'll do a separate post on that one. 

It's probably a good thing that Spicewood Spines is an hour and a half from my house.  I could get in a lot of trouble if it was any closer!   I opted to try Amy's technique, walk through everything to look before going back and picking out what you want to take home.  Normally, I walk and grab, so it took more than a little self control on my part.  My husband was funny too, I really think deep down he likes them as much as I do, ok...maybe just a tiny bit bit less!  

The first one is great, and I had never seen it in any of the nurseries around here.  The picture doesn't do her justice, she's segmented like a cucumber with scalloped edges.  The leaves and twirly vines are reminiscent of grape vines.  Love it!!

Cissus Cactiformis 'Cucumber Cactus'

Huernia leachii
I couldn't resist the next one either, I've dubbed her "my little gourd".  The pumpkin looking seed pods are too cute, and are now covered with a pantyhose foot so that I can catch them when they explode.  They are supposed to have three seeds in each pod, but without the "catcher", chances are I would never find the seeds.  
Jatropha cathartica
This next little Kalanchoe was another great find.  I bought another variety as well, but I can't get the photo to upload.  The other one isn't serrated.  What made this a fun find was that we had just seen a rather large one of these at another nursery with a hefty $24 price tag with no identification.  I had taken a picture of it with my phone, so after a quick check to confirm she and her counterpart made it to the basket.   
Kalanchoe sysepaia v. dissecta
 This little lady is in the same family as the 'Vick's Plant', but smells more like Pine-o-Pine.  I've never actually smelled that particular brand, so I'm taking Amy's word for it.  She's so much more interesting though because she has chubby little scalloped leaves.  I was not coming home without her in the box.
How could I not bring home this one with perfectly circular leaves, it's also the first one of these I have in my collection.
Xerosicyos danguyi
I almost squealed, yes, you read that right, when I found this next one!  I came across one of these last year at a Whole Food store, but lost her in the greenhouse mishap.  She's definitely not as glorious as she will be, but the promise is there!  It shouldn't be too long before the entire stem is covered in leaves and offshoots appear at the base.   
Portulaca molokiniensis
As we're checking out, it came up that we were from San Antonio and I mentioned that I had actually read about them on Not So Angry Redhead's blog.  The owner says, "Oh yes, Not So Angry Redhead has been here before."  I'm not sure why I thought that was so neat, but I did!