Friday, April 30, 2010

Pig's Ear

This is my Pig's Ear, I'll have to add the real name when it's lighter outside and I can read the label.  Regardless, when I saw this one and it's name, I had to have it!  It has the prettiest orange bell shaped flowers that make it even prettier!'s name is Cotyledon Orbiculata. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Succulents

Today I followed a tip from my mother and made a trip to Lowe's during my lunch hour.  They had an great selection of succulents and to make it even better, they were all 50% off!  Brought home more than I should have, but how could I resist them! I'll take pictures later to post, but my favorite is the Pig's Ear.  I've collected pigs of all sorts since I was maybe 10, so that was a must have for my collection.  My husband, who's extremely patient with my addiction took me to the Lowe's near our house this evening and I picked up a few more.  I'm not great with the scientific names on all of them, but I think the common names make them so much more fun!