Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aromatherapy Herb Garden

Amongst getting the pool put up and backyard organized, I jumped right into getting my herb garden set up.  I think I posted last summer about wanting to do an aromatherapy garden this year, so it's really more geared to the yummy smells instead of practical uses. 

Mrs Burn's Lemon Basil, Orange Thyme, Aussie Sweet  Basil
Lemon Verbena, Cinnamon Basil, Curly Leaf Parsley
Beebalm Red, Sicilian Oregano, Munstead Lavender
Pineapple Sage, Purple Bush Basil, Creeping Thyme, Lemon Balm
Chocolate Mint

There's an Italian Oregano sitting all alone that was put in a pot like the Chocolate Mint on the other side of the blocks.  I'm going to try to find recipes to use them, but my favorite thing is just smelling them.  The Lemon Balm and Pineapple Sage...oh and the Lemon Verbena are by far the most delicious!   The Cinnamon Basil is scrumptious too and I really stumbled on that one.  Shelby's guinea pigs will appreciate the Curly Leaf Parsley, as that's like Catnip for them.  The chairs are going to be painted red and then it will be perfect!  It's the perfect spot to read or visit with a friend while mussing the leaves to stir up the delicious smells. 

My Vick's Plant is close, but since she's quite happy in her spot I don't want to push my luck with her.  I'm on my second or third try from Amy's cuttings and am finally growing one!

Vick's Plant

I wish I could put the smells through the Internet, but you'll just have to go to your local garden nursery in the meantime.  Everyone should own the Lemon Balm and Pineapple Sage! 



  1. Lemon Balm and Pineapple Sage, here I come! Your garden is so how you set it up on cinder blocks like that! The chairs will be perfect for the summer in red!!! Sure you don't want one red, one white and one blue???

    Hope your Easter was wonderful!

  2. You were quite right, my Mandy. I do love your herbs. i decided to plant some of the same ones that you have in the ground this year. Now I don't have half as many as you do. I suppose this calls for a visit to Southern Homes and Garden. I was very surprised that my rosemary lived through the winter and is so large. I promise to take a pix and post about it.
    Love you, Mother