Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flower Shop Mysteries

I've slacked off in sharing the Flower Shop Mysteries by Kate Collins with you as I've finished them.  I've finished A Rose From the Dead and Shoots to Kill which were both a lot of fun.  So far, I think Shoots to Kill is my most favorite.  I've got three more to go and then I can go pick up her newest release, Night of the Living Dandelions!!  I'm about half way through Evil in Carnations, and if you like a good mystery you've got to pick these up and get to reading! 

In A Rose From the Dead, Abby is working a booth trying to drum up business for her flower shop at a funeral home convention when the person responsible for the event ends up dead in you'll never guess, a coffin!  Met several weirdos like one oddball who thinks she can capture someone's soul music as they are departing the earth and a wack job who wants to bury people in burlap bags to save the earth.  As usual, Abby's right in the middle of the commotion and almost ends up needing her soul recorded upon it's departure as well!

Shoots to Kill found Abby the victim of identity theft.  Not the normal let me steal your social security number and rack up some nice bills for you kind though.  An old kid that Abby used to babysit came back to town and wasn't satisfied until she invaded every inch of Abby's life including a good stab at her boyfriend, Marco.  Abby's got gumption and I like that!

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  1. I better pic one of these mystery books up from the library! I used to read them all the time, but now, it seems like I have no time for reading. I meant to read some this weekend, but it was all I could do to read todays paper!!!