Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thirty Days of Me...Day 5...My Siblings

Today I get to talk about my sister, Bridgett since Day 5 of Thirty Days of Me is dedicated to siblings.  My sister is fifteen months younger than me and while we're close in age, we're 180 degrees apart in personality.  She's always been bigger than me height wise, which is saying much since I'm 5' 1/4".  I mention this because her thrill when we were younger was to torture me.  One day we were by ourselves while our mother was at work and she chased me around the house with a knife.  I bolted out the front door and ran to the neighbor's house.  She wouldn't have actually hurt me, but she did a good job at pretending to.  The best I ever did was dropping a wooden block, a little 2x2 thing off the 3rd story of our treehouse (without the tree) on her head.  She wasn't hurt, but it's the closest I'd ever get to payback for the torture.  There was the time she volunteered to trim my hair when we were teenagers and she butchered it.  I think our mother was madder than I could have been about that one. 

While she liked to torture me, she has a thing for animals.  Her heart melts for an animal and she's had a ton of them.  She used to bring home stray cats, dogs, whatever she came across and my parents humored her.  She still has a thing for pets and at one point had a pig, not a little pot-bellied pig, but a full grown sow!

Bridgett has the most gorgeous naturally spiral curly hair and I have hair that's straight as a board.  She used to wear it long, but now keeps it short like the picture below.  It's funny because I have my dad's features; eyes, hands, feet, and build but I look just like our mother and Bridgett looks just like our dad.  We can't deny each other though either!



  1. I can't get over your hair types??? Isn't that amazing??? My brother used to torture my sister and I, like she did you!!! I hope you two are good friends these days!
    xoxo- Julie

  2. That is a great picture of you and your sister! I have 3 brothers and love them dearly. Thanks for stopping by my place!

  3. I still can remember Penny calling me at work and telling me that she had you over at the house, because Bridgett had chased you with a butcher knife. I do believe that I told her to keep you there until I could get home. But the thing that I never found out was the why?

  4. Yeah the hair type thing is pretty cool. At 15 months apart you must have been pretty close. My sister is 81/2 year older than me. I drove her nuts! I was always in her stuff.