Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thirty Days of Me...Day 6...A Picture

A picture of something that makes me happy is the order of the day. 

These are from last summer while our girls were at my parent's house.  Daughter #2 turned 10 on this day and for her birthday, Daughter #1 took her for the ride of a lifetime!  You can see Daughter #2 is holding on for dear life and Daughter #1 is focused and on a scare the wits out of her sister most likely!



  1. I think that SHelby made the comment, I am not riding with her again! I don't think that I would blame her. You should see how fast she can go on the golf cart.

  2. LOL...what cute pictures! Love that pink golf cart!!! Perfect! Oh, and not to mention those gorgeous gals!!!!!