Friday, July 23, 2010

What To Do!

Sometime this afternoon, my cell phone rang. Caller ID identified it was my parents house...I should've known it was one of my girls.  Below is an example of daily calls I get from one or the've got to love it!

Me: "Hello" 
Oldest Daughter:  "Mom, you need to talk to your daughter." 
Me: "What now?"
OD: "Hygiene, she doesn't even know when her last bath was!"
Me:  "I'm aware of that, I had the same conversation with her yesterday.  Don't get excited, you went through the same phase."
OD: "No, seriously! We went to lunch yesterday and I told her to brush her teeth and she said she didn't need to because she brushed them last night. Nana made her though."
Me: "Again, you did the same thing at her age.  With you I was worried something was wrong, but now I know it's a phase and she'll be fine.  Just look at how clean you are now!"
OD: "Funny, you need to talk to her."

I really did think something was wrong when the first one went through this...I thought boys were messy and girls were neat by nature.  Man was I wrong!  Evidently, it's not a gender our house, it's proving to be a 10 year old rite of passage thing! 


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