Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Reading

I've been a little lazy sharing my books this week, so I thought I'd cover them all at once.  Last week, while I was waiting at Sam's Club for them to replace my car battery, I found a new book called The French Gardner by Santa Monteriore.  The front cover looked enchanting and the back completely had me hooked.  It was a love story going back and forth between the present day and previous owners of an English estate with glorious gardens.  It really was a great book...wasn't too pleased with the whole affair bit, but that was kept to a minimum until the end as well as the language that accompanied it.  The ending was both happy and sad at the same time; I hate those endings!  The whole gardening bit was great though, I could see myself in these gardens and it was a lovely place to be.  I finished that one early this week and picked up on that I've had out for three weeks now to read and keep getting sidetracked with other books.  Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury was fabulous!  Her books never disappoint and are guaranteed to be feel good, no matter what the outcome with lots of tears! This one was no different.  There was a foreword by a 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith, that set the tone for part of the storyline.  He lives by "in the end, life isn't defined by what takes place on the first day of the week, but how we live between Sundays".  Loved it! Now, I'm finally getting to the one I was super excited to find.  I'm an avid fan of ABC's Castle, and was thrilled when they announced that they were publishing books by the fictional Richard Castle from the show.  I wasn't going to pay $20 for the book at Barnes and Nobles when I saw how skinny it was, so I've been scouring Half Price Books every time I'm there.  Finally, it was there and my coworker laughed when I almost broke out into a "happy dance"...I did squeal though! Tonight, I'm finally going to get it started...hope I'm not disappointed, but I doubt I will be!

I should have time to finish this one and maybe another one before my girls get home on Friday.  So much to read and so little time!!

Happy Reading,


  1. I'm so glad you are getting some time to read! I know I would too, if I didn't do other's kinda sad, I never take the time ot read anymore...I need to be spanked! I love reading...what is wrong with me???

    I like your reviews you do on here...nice to know!!!!!

  2. I am a bookworm. Your books sound interesting I like the ones where there is a garden involved! I just read one but a Tuscan garden took the shine, it was quite intriguing. Love the succulents too.