Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pink Butterfly

I had a little downtime today at work and was looking around on the internet to see what fuzzy Kalanchoes I might be missing...he!he!  I got a little side tracked when I saw what I thought was the Kalanchoe Serrata 'Magic Tower'...only, it's called a 'Pink Butterfly' pretty!!  The other neat thing I learned is that it's plantlets don't root, so they're just there for pretty decoration! 
I also saw someone call it 'Pink Sparkler too...I'll have to get closer shots, but they do look very delicate!  Dave's Garden has a bunch of nice pics of this one too, this link should take you straight to the page for this one. 

I finally got to enjoy the pool tonight for a little bit, we're supposed to get more storms starting tomorrow, so it was nice to float around for a bit.  While I was floating, I saw two hummingbirds drinking from my Goldfish Plant and the new Bougainvillea...too bad my camera was in the house!  I pulled out the hummingbird feeder just in case they want to come back!  Maybe I'll be prepared better next time.

Very happy that it's short weeks!!


  1. Oh no you just reminded me that I forgot to refill the hummingbird feeder before we left for vacation. I the hummers will forgive me. I love these kalanchoe's and Dave's Garden is a great place to look for different varieties and to help you identify!

  2. This is a neat Kalanchoe! I am afraid there are quite a few I don't have!!! You go girl!!! LOL!