Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelby-Lou!

Today, my youngest daughter turned 10! Double digits are big, because even though she's tiny (just over 50 lbs, and right past 4 ft), I don't think I can carry her around the house anymore! Don't get me wrong, I'm not toting her on my hip or anything, but sometimes I just have to swoop her up and hold her.  She'll never be too big to crawl up in my lap though...nope, I refuse to even go there!

I had thought to use nicknames for my girls, but that's going to be too confusing...especially when my mother made a blog and totally forgot about using nicknames.  So, today, my Shelby is 10!  As our summer tradition has it, this is the 6th year that she celebrates her big day at my parents house.  Kind of a bummer for her mother, but I don't really think she'd appreciate it any other way. 

Going back to the oldest digital photo I have of her, this was probably at 3 years old. This was her first time going to my parents without me and daddy.  They went camping this year.

To today, or at least my most recent shot of mother's slacking a bit this year!

I took dinner to a friend tonight who just had her third little girl, and I wanted to bring her home!  She was about the same size as my Shelby-Lou when she made her entrance at 6 lb 4 ou, 19 inches long! 
She's our Type A to a tee child, obedient to a fault and never a dull moment!  Her sister woke her up at 1 a.m. this morning writing "happy birthday" on Shelby's skin!  Fortunatley for her, it's takes Shelbs a bit to fully focus or she would've gone "ninja" on her.  She might be small, but she's not one to mess with.  Caitlin did make up for it though I think by giving her a ride of a lifetime on the go-cart...Nana said Shelby was hanging on for dear life!


  1. Happy Birthday to Shelby!!! it sounds like they must be having a blast with camping and all that goes with that! cool.

    Is that your parents dog??? it sure is pretty with that white fluffy coat!

  2. Yes, that was my mother's Westie, Lacey. She passed away earlier this summer at 14 years old. She was very pretty and had a very cute personality!

  3. Happy birthday to Shelby your "Tater girl"! I hope she had a wonderful day turning two digits. And yes it is a big deal!