Friday, July 23, 2010

Tea Rooms and Succulents

We tried a new little deli was a totally chickie tea room type deli/bakery; very girly girl!  If you're in San Antonio, it's called Sugar Baker's and is the cutest place I've been in ages! The food was delicious and the desserts looked out of this world yummy, but we were very self controlled and said "no thanks". I can't wait to take my best friend there...I love it when I find the cool spots first; it doesn't happen often! So, afterwards my coworker says, "Let's swing by Rack Room.  I want to look at their sandles."  I'm always up for a shoe adventure, so we took detour.  On the detour, some succulents in front of Whole Foods caught my eye and it was my turn to ask if we could make one more stop.  They had the neatest looking thing and I had never seen it before, so I started gathering them while she walked down to the next store.

Portulaca molonkiniensis 'Maraca'
This is a Portulaca molonkiniensis 'Maraca'.  It grows 12" - 18", enjoys full sun to part shade and produces the most beautiful yellow blooms.  I found out that last part after a quick Google search.  It's going to be the first one that goes in the giant pot...I think!

The plants I've been "succulent sitting" for my mother have had a rough time of it.  We had almost 2 weeks of rain, rain and more rain so they weren't too thrilled.  One of them that we liked the most didn't make it.  Wouldn't you know they had that one too!  In the picture below, it's the first of the three.  Not sure what it's called, but it really reminded me of the old "rabbit ear" anteneas.  The second is some type of Gasteria, that I thought was really nice and fat. The ones we have are much skinnier. The third is yet another Cotyledon Tomentosa ' Bear Paw'.  I know I didn't need that one, but none of ours have the brown tips that look like nails so I thought we needed it too. These are my mothers, mine are scattered about the colllection so as not to draw undue attention from my husband's noticing eye!

The sales clerk was working with them while I was there and is a fellow "succulent addict".  I think I might have helped create two more monsters in the check out line as well.  The guy in front of me thought they were very cool and then the cashier had questions as well.  Would you believe both men's question was, "How do they do with not so much water?".  They were happy to hear they thrive on neglect! So I did my part in spreading the word today...and I didn't buy any shoes.  That alone counts for something!

I don't think I've posted the 'Propeller Plant' yet, here he is...
Crassula 'Propeller Plant'
Looking forward to another relaxing weekend and hopefully will enjoy it minus the headache that's been my constant companion for two days now!  Fixing to break out the heavy duty migraine killers since the usual Advil hasn't touched it...I just love the mold in the air!!

Enjoy yours!


  1. These are all just gorgeous, Mandy! That top one is so cool! I want one now...will have to get out to shop tomorrow!!! Glad you found one to replace the one of your Mom's that died!!! Awesome!

  2. Mandy, how did I miss this post! Awesome succulents and sorry to hear that cool one died. I love it when people ask about succulents and then get turned on to them. It is fun isn't it. My bunco group took home a little gift package of echeveria's (my pot had gotten out of control) when I had it at my house. Hopefully they will do well with my easy instructions.

    Love the pics!