Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Happenings

What a weekend!  My husband went fishing at the coast, so it was just me and the animals.  I've been missing my girls and all the commotion that comes along with them, so I invited their friends from down the street to come down for pizza and swimming.  They're great girls and we had an equally great time!

Saturday, Goldie had a vet appointment to check on some growths...she's just getting old, which calmed me down as I was prepared for the worst! Then, I went on the hunt for treasures!!  I hit Thrift Town, it's a local second hand store, and made out like a bandit with a bag full of books and some coffee cups/containers I'm going to use for some succulent cuttings.
I'm most excited about the wire thing and the little green jar mug, but I thought the others would make nice pots with some pebbles in the bottom. It's too hot to go out and mess with them today, that will have to be an evening project.
Then, I stopped at this placed by the petstore and oh, my!  I took pictures of everything in my car because my husband will not believe that I got it all in there!

This pot is huge and much more fitting for my yard than the horse trough I wanted to find!  It had a crack in it so it was marked down to $20, this was incredible since damage free it sold for $139!  A little epoxy glue and with the crack facing the tree, no one will be the wiser! The baker's rack was 1/2 off and the other little holder was on the clearance aisle as well. 

I moved some of the succulents that need a little more shade on it since it doesn't get as much direct sun as the other side of the porch. 

I don't remember having so much fun by myself! 



  1. Absolutely wonderful! That pot is a terrific find! Can't wait to see them planted. And I love the baker's rack in the backyard! I was going to do that but I found something different that I will have to post some day. The only problem is that I had to put it up against the hottest wall in my backyard! Everything I put on it gets scorched. So it has to be hard core cactus!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Another person whose husband goes fishing down the coast. Mine too. He flyfishes from his kayak. Good things is he brings redfish home. Yum. What a haul you got and what fun. I love to poke around garage sales for garden bargains but always seem to forget on Saturdays, Your baker's rack is just perfect. I'm wondering what you will be putting in your pot.

  3. I, too, like your bakers rack! I have always wantd one!!! Your plants look great on it too! This is my fav alone time activity = thrifting!!!

  4. I was thinking about that this morning...I think I might put something blooming in it like maybe Vincas or more of the Portulaca since they love this heat unless I can find some nice succulents for it. I think it might be too hot to start new cuttings. Maybe I'll do a mix of both! I'm excited though...something new and fun!