Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things One Shouldn't Put Their iPhone Through

Okay, there's really only one.  Saturday morning, I was rudely awaken at 8:19 a.m. by some crazy sales call.  It was rude because this was the first Saturday in months when I didn't have to cart one of the girls around to an early volleyball game, and I was really looking forward to sleeping as late as possible.  Back to the point, at 8:30, I figured rather than stare at the ceiling I'd just get up and enjoy the quiet downstairs.  So, I grabbed a load of laundry, my book, phone, water and made the trip downstairs.  I turned off the alarm, set the book and water down, let the dog out and went straight to the laundry room.  Opened up the washer, tossed everything in and got it going.  While sitting in my chair watching tv, the washer was making a funny noise and I just thought, "Please God, not the washer."  A while later, I was going to head up for a shower so that I could go get the tire replaced from Friday's flat.  I couldn't find my phone and neither of the girls had it, so I started making the rounds trying to figure out where I left it.  It wasn't until I went upstairs and saw the other pile of clothes laying on the floor that I heard the washer noise in my head again and it clicked!  I ran down the stairs, stopped the washer and started moving around wet clothes to find my lovely iPhone at the bottom of the washer soaking wet!!  All I could say was, "Oh no!".  The girls got a kick out of it, my husband was oddly easy about it and I was in shock.  Of course it probably helped that he was up in a deer blind being one with nature, but I think I was equally shocked at his response; very out of character he said, "Call the Apple store and make an appointment.  They'll do a one time replacement and you won't have to pay full price." 

Lesson here...keep the phone away from laundry piles and therefore keeping it out of the washer!  Oh, and don't attempt laundry until fully awake!

I have my new phone, but am still sick about the ridiculous amount of money that trying to get a head start on the day cost me! 

Have a great day!

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  1. I begin to think that your bad happening was happing to me. After I had finished painting on Monday night at the trailer, I was tired. I remembered that I had placed my Droid Incredible in my purse. After taking a shower, I also threw the clothes in the washer. Then I realized that I could not find my phone. I drove back to the trailer and looked, no phone! Then I tried to stop the washer and when it finally stopped, I was dragging wet clothes out on the floor. No phone! After three more trips, I asked the Lord to please show me where my phone was. Going to the car, I noticed that my phone was on the ground. It was like a beam of light was shining down on it(I know that I sound crazy). The problem is, I had gone by this very spot three times, this was the fourth! Well, to say the least, my phone had a cracked screen and was dead. Now I have to wait until the 22nd of Dec. and use one of the girls upgrades to replace it. Trust me, this time, it will have insurance on it. And I was just beginning to understand the phone alittle more.