Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be Careful Little Eyes Who You Read

I was in my favorite bookstore yesterday, and while I was looking through the mystery section, I came across a series that was new to me.  I've found that I really enjoy the Cozy Mysteries that are published by Berkley.  So far, all of them that I've read are really clean with great characters and very little if any filthy language and excessive gore.  I thought it was pretty cool that they had all three books, so I put them in my basket.  I kept looking at them, but thought it was just because the covers were older and it was a new author to me.  Well, I get home and start writing all my titles down in a notebook of all my Cozy Mysteries that I have and that I still needed.  When I got to these, I was flipping through the front and a dedication caught my eye.  It was dedicated to "all my witchy blogging sisters" or something like that.  Whoa.....  I got out my laptop and checked the title out an Amazon.  This lady writes under another name and her bio states that shes a Shamanic witch.  I looked at the other books she writes, and no wonder these were written under another name.  I called my mother because I couldn't believe I'd actually bought something written by a witch.  The books got put back in the bag and in my car in the driveway for the night....they weren't spending another minute in my house. 

I took them back today and got something that I knew was a book written by someone of good character.  Yes, I could have and probably should have burned them, but I didn't.  I also chickened out at the register when I just told them I wasn't going to read them.  I did look at my daughter and tell her I wasn't reading something that I knew a witch had written. 

All this did was confirm why I am so picky about who and what I will read.  Those books were probably just fine and perfectly clean, but not for me, thank you very much!   I never read "dedicated to" pages, but you'd better bet I will now...had I not this time, they'd still be in my house.  So, thank you Jesus for nudging me to read this one!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I am so very proud of you. It takes alot to realize that you made a bad choice and willing to take them back.
    Also, I am super proud that you have given the Lord the place that you have in your heart and that you are sensitive to the voice of God.
    I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK a zillion and more times. Mother