Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Hershey Bar

While I've never been big on Halloween, my husband and kids enjoy the costumes and candy.  Both girls get a kick out of making their own costumes versus the store bought ones.  The last time our oldest wanted to dress up, she walked the streets as a bag of Jelly Bellies. She doesn't dress up anymore, instead she stays at home with her dad and hands out candy.  The little one however is another story!  Hense the Hershey Bar.

She started off with a simple box...

Momma added a bit of spray paint
Followed by some poster paint
...and ended up a Hershey Bar!
She was the hit of the night!

I think this has been her best one yet, and she's already planning next year's costume. 



  1. How cute!!! She did really good job on it! Maybe she is gonna be a costume designer for her career??? ;0

  2. Okay... that wins the prize in my books! Tell your daughter what a fantastic job she did!!

    I remember my favorite costume as a kid was a homemade job we did - a single die (dice). I love that the homemade ones are the best.

    It's nice to "meet" you and thanks for poppin' into my new baking blog! Hopefully I'll have something exciting to add again soon :-D

  3. That is one of the best home made costume's I have ever seen. Congratulations to her for being so creative. Great job!