Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coleus Experiment

After a freak rainstorm went through late summer, I had a bunch of drowned and wilted Coleuses on my hands.  While cutting them back, I thought I'd try and root them.  That worked great, and I now have 4 small pots of them ready to overwinter in the greenhouse.
Last weekend I decided that the pot on the front porch was getting a little out of hand, and since I was encouraged from the first results, I went to cutting!  I think there are maybe 32 cuttings in the glass jars rooting now.  Once they are ready, I'll pot them as well and then put them in the greenhouse.

I put the "mother" plants in little pots; I'm counting on them growing new leaves as well.  If all goes as planned, this rather plain spot will be loaded with gorgeous Coleus leaves!
I still think I'll need to pick up a few that are different colors; I bought these so late in the season that there really wasn't a great selection.  We'll see come Spring...

Have a great night!


  1. Hi Mandy! I snatch cuttings from beautiful coleaus all over town and root them in my kitchen window. That way you can get all different ones...I look for them at shopping centers and medians, and at entrances to housing developments, etc. Once I move them outside, I have to limit them to my tires that contain flowers, beacause that is the only area that gets watered daily. That is the only drawback to coleus... their water requirement. Boo hoo.
    Have fun...looks like you already have a load ready for under your tree...can't wait to see how pretty it turns out!!!

  2. That's not such a bad idea, Julie! I really never thought about propagating them until I read it on your blog and thought "why not!". I think I might try some seeds too...I read somewhere last night that they grow easy from seed and you get a ton of varieties from one little packet. As if we don't have enough projects going on!

  3. You two are busy little bees! They are going to look so beautiful under that tree! It deserves to be jazzed up a bit. And hey thanks for the great info. I looked up greenhouses and they sure have a super variety for low prices. 12X7 is two big for me so I am looking for a 10X6 or 7.

    Thanks sweetie!