Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock 'n Roll Marathon

Tonight it's all about Kim! 

My friend Kim gave me permission to blog about her tonight, she's a great sport...even if I did bail on her this weekend.  Yesterday, was the 3rd Annual San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon.  I signed up, but at the end ended up just giving my running number to Kim for her daughter to use.  She was already running with her son, so when I realized that I wasn't going to get to go, it worked out just to let her use my number.  Back to Kim...she's awesome!  She finished the 13.1 miles in right under 3 hours, smoking her daughter who came in at 3 hours 13 minutes.  She very kindly posed for me with her medal and number this afternoon at work.

She's also running in the Dallas Rock 'n Roll in a few months, again with her two adult children.  I've got to get in gear, as it will most definitely take me the whole year to be able to keep up with her next year. 

Go Kim!!


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  1. have a friend who does races with her grown kids! Pretty cool. Good luck getting ready for that next race! Sounds like a lot of fun!