Monday, June 21, 2010

Succulents Galore!

I posted the photo of all the succulents my mother picked up during her various stops from Alabama to Texas earlier...well, we (I) finally got around to potting them this afternoon.  We made a visit to a succulent nursery close by on Saturday, and I think we did really good...only brought home 7/8 plants combined!!  While the girls played in the pool with friends, my mother kept me company in the shade while I went to work! Here are my mother's...

And mine...

Her intent was for us to split all the ones she picked up on the way here and then we tried to find plants that had 2 in them so that we could split them as well.  Her collection grew because I kept remembering ones that  have that I intended on pulling off for her!  She "forgot" that she's driving a smaller vehicle this year, so I get to "succulent sit" these lovlies until she brings the girls back at the end of July! I've got to find more pots though for some Hen and Chicks that didn't get potted today as well as some Hawthorias that I need to get ready for my kitchen window.  I ran out of dirt too...hate it when that happens!

Tomorrow will be a little sad...the last day until they take off on their summer adventure!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. "Succulent sit" haha! Love it! I'm also loving the variety of succulents you and your mother have accumulated, wow. Very nice. I especially like the ones you planted in the ceramic glazed bowls at the bottom of the metal rack! Oh, and running out of dirt became so annoying that I started buying two bags of the Cactus soil, they really should make larger sized bags, grrr! :)

  2. Would you believe that one of my mother's succulents had a bloom on it tonight when I got home! I took a picture and told her I'd email it so she could see it. She bought me some more dirt, think it was a hint that she wants me to put her strawberry pot together...she bought a jumbo bag, subtlety is not her speciality!