Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

I came home at lunch today to find Tater Girl and her BFF working diligently on a puzzle...they were working on the same puzzle when I got home from work tonight.  Tater Girl loves doing puzzles and once she starts, she takes over the kitchen table for weeks at a time.  Will be buying her a card table for the front room while she's gone this never know when she'll going on a puzzle bender, and I think I need to be better prepared!

The funny faces are thanks to the Ring Pop that my "picture taker hater" popped in her mouth when I said to smile!  They had a great day between the pool and puzzles, not to mention the Rock Bank concert that Giggles put on for everyone...thankfully I just heard it through the phone!

I thought tonight would be a good as time as any to clean out the guinea girl mansion as we lovingly call it.  Snowflake enjoyed sniffing around in their little fenced in area, and Hedgie eventually got the hang of it...not before having to be thoroughly sniffed over by Barkley, one of the Sheltie boys from across the street.  They did enjoy the strawberries and grape halves that we brought out for them. They were much happier once Dottie, the cat from across the street who lives with the Sheltie boys went home...she was ready to lunge for them until she got yanked back by the neck.  She went home rather perturbed and wouldn't come close again until after they went back inside.

Snowflake graciously allowed me to trim up her toe nails...second time was much easier than the first time.  Hedgie let me do her back paws, but I got a little too close and drew a little blood...she got an extra treat for that mishap.  Both got wiped down with baby wipes and then I think they were a little too hot.  Snowflake was sprawled out like she wasn't going to make it...quite the little drama queen!

I think she was trying to nap, but I really didn't realize how warm it was until I put them back in the cage. Oops!

I love it when my mother visits...we had Cheesy Chicken waiting for us in the crock pot (one of my husband's favorites) and yeast rolls...all I had to do was put the french fries in the oven, and dinner was ready to go!  Guess she wasn't impressed with the past two night's dinners of hot dogs and pizza!  She even did the dishes...I could get spoiled very quickly! 



  1. Any chance of getting your Cheezy Chicken recipe??? Sounds intreguing!

    I love to do puzzles too...but never over 100 peices!!! I must be able to finish them quickly! Your daughter looks like a puzzle queen being able to do such large ones!!! Impressive!

    My kids loved Ring Pops the grands are starting to pick them up!

    You little fur babies (guineas) are so cute!!!

  2.'s a cinch. I'll email it to you now.

  3. What beautiful girls, and what a very lovely family life you have! That is a great puzzle, and always a bit more fun when they are personalized. Oooh, adorable guinea girls!

    Hope you're having a fabulous Father's Day!