Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Fun

While getting ready for my mother to arrive, I got side tracked (as usual) and never got the floors done downstairs.  Good thing though, as my nine year old spilt half a Dr. Pepper on the wood floors...knew there was a reason I never got to it! This weekend was a work weekend if anything.  Friday night started off with one word...FLEAS! My princess, who is seldom goes outside has been attacked by fleas.  Within the past two weeks, she's had 2 Frontline treatments and now 2 baths...she's going in tomorrow for grooming and a good flea dip as well!  I was sitting outside talking to a neighbor friend, and she found more flea poop on her ears.  After further inspection, we realized she was covered in it.  Stopped what I was doing and tortured her with a long soak in flea soap and then sprayed the yards.  This is yet another thing that I will blame on the 15 cats that live to the right of us...seriously!  Saturday we woke up and started on the pool.  It took almost all day, between the leveling and the filling process, but I think it will be well worth the labor! Again, thankful that we have great neighbors who gave up their Saturday to sweat with us.  My mother arrived with 18 succulents that she picked up on her way here from Alabama on her bathroom stops shortly after we started filling the pool. 
I think I've created a monster! Although, I will say that I think stopping at Home Depot and Lowe's instead of boring gas stations is a brilliant idea!  The pool was filled and ready for salt before we left to my company's annual picnic.  We all woke up sore and moving a little slow today...probably more due to the pool than the sand volleyball.  After the last volleyball clinic until the girls come back home, we got to enjoy the pool for a little bit this evening.  The girls had a blast, and I know that we're going to really enjoy the water as the summer heats up! Only I might have to provide the neighbors with earplugs...both girls have only one voice level and I really think the water amplifies them!

We never got to the guinea pig cage, but that can be tackled tomorrow!

Have a great week! 


  1. Oh, gosh, that pool looks inviting!!! It is so hot here...and humid. When I get a job, I would love to have a pool!!!

    15 succulent plants??? Oh wow!!! Nice Mommy!!!!!

  2. Love the succulents, what an awesome gift from your mother!