Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guinea Pig Girls

15 days ago, we brought Cocoa home so that Snowflake would not be alone since we lost Zoey in April.  She was really tiny and for whatever reason didn't make it past day 13.  Very sad, lots of tears from Tater Girl...Snowflake didn't seem to care. Took Cocoa back, which I think is extremely morbid of Petsmart...they make you return the actual animal with the receipt. Okay, so I get the whole point that a good chunk of our society is less than truthful, but really...wouldn't a good picture work just as well!  Our intention was to just get our money back and let Snowflake be a lone cavey.  So much for good intentions!  I toted the dead cavey to work with me, in a box of course, and returned her at lunch.  The guy at Petsmart Friday was really nice, much better than the jerk that I dealt with the night before, but I'm past that.  He showed me two little girls that had been there a little longer than the others, so they were a bit bigger.  I fell for the chubbby brown one that looked like a hedgehog.  He was nice enough to break the rules and hold her for me until I could come back with Tater Girl and Snowflake to make sure everyone was in agreement. Yes, I took our guinea pig to the pet store to find a friend!  Meet Hedgie...
She's about half the size of Snowflake, but big enough that she won't be tossed around when Snowflake gets in the mood to run like a wild banshee around their cage. 


  1. I missed this post somehow! Have I told you I love guinea pigs??? Mine was named Peanut many years ago! So sweet. Your two are glad Snowflake has a pal again!!!

  2. Thank you! You mentioned before that your son used to put him on a leash and walk him to the park...considered this, but my family might committ me!!! I'm not sure who they're really for anymore...bought them for Shelby, but my husband teases me that it was just a ploy to get them! Snowflake's liking this new one, she let her in her hut the first night, so she must be a keeper! Tonight, she shared her red bell pepper with her as well.