Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Today marked my husband's 13th Father's Day and my daddy's 34th!  

This year, I slacked a bit and was the last one of my parent's four daughter's to call...I won't tell anyone, but I was just giving the others a chance to beat me at least once in their lifetime!!  I have an incredible daddy, and I thank God frequently that He chose this man and my mother to be my parents.  Growing up, he taught me many important to make a number of great animal calls (monkey calls being the best), how to drive cautiously, yet at the same time quite agressive (I learned to back up in the front portion of a cemetary andy my mother hated it when he'd let me drive us all to church). Also on driving, when he says floor it...he means step on it! On the day pictured below, he accused me of going soft when I didn't get up in speed fast enough (he topped closed to 100 mph that day) on our "country tour".  I learned a love of plants and the joy of watching your hard work bloom and grow.  Most importantly, my daddy lived out, and still does, the example of how my Heavenly Father loves us...unconditionally, without any strings and just as you are! That didn't mean that he never disciplined us, but we always knew that regardless of what we did or didn't do, he loved us no less.  I've always been proud to be his Daughter #1...birth order, of course!  

My husband did what he loves to do in the summer, fish at the coast.  He was in a bay tournament with friends yesterday, and then this morning went out with his hobby buddy.  They didn't catch a thing, very few did this weekend, but he did have a great time relaxing in the heat on the water!  The girl's sent him their text messages this morning and had his cards ready when we got home.  Steaks and baked pototes were my gift...if you knew the way they used to come out and the way they'd do now, you'd understand why a non-charred steak is a great treat around here!  Now, he's trying to convice the oldest to get him some ice cream!!

Isn't he handsome!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!

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  1. What a great post! I feel so much like you do in regard to having the parents I did. We sure were fortunate! Your day sounded fun today. Glad the steaks came out good!!!