Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ramblings and Succulent Blooms

Yesterday, the weather was incredible.  So much so that my co-workers and I donned our walking clothes and went for a 2 mile walk during lunch sans jackets.  We've been doing this for several years, but we got out of the habit after the Rock 'n Roll Marathon a few months ago.  It was great, I surprised myself and started jogging on the way back.  What that means to me...I must be a born runner, why else would my little legs have just started off on their own with no encouragement from me!  heehee!!  Today on the other hand, freezing cold and the wind was blowing something fierce!  Weird!!

The greenhouse is getting heated as I type, and my Crassula 'Springtime' is opening her blooms.  I brought her in to get some pictures since it was too dark to get a decent shot outside. 

These next little guys were a surprise that I didn't notice last time I was out there.  I don't remember it's name, but it was weird looking and that's always a plus for me!  There are three little blooms getting ready for a show.  This is the first time this one's bloomed for me, so I'm curious to see what they're going to look like.


  1. Wow, C. Springtime is really lovely.

  2. Love those blooms! Hey that unnamed plant looks kind of like my Titanopsis calcareum. Let me know if the blooms are yellow. Here is my flickr post of my plant.

  3. I agree with Candy. Very similar to Titanopsis calcareum.

    The blooms look amazing!

  4. Isn't it amazing how the sturdiest, thickest succulents produce the most delicate looking flowers! And the one on bottom is very intriguing. It looks like something found in the ocean! Can't wait to see it in full bloom.