Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greenhouse Happenings

It's incredibly cold outside, the temperature didn't get above 40 today and for this warm weather loving Texan, that's about 40 degrees to cold!  I've been keeping, or rather trying to keep my succulents warm in the little greenhouse.  The little heater's been running through the night and some days to keep them warm.  When I went out the other day, I was delighted to find that several of them are blooming.  I'm not sure exactly what this first one is, but the blooms on this gem are a gorgeous deep pink. I think it's a Pachy-something, but whatever it is, it's one of my favorites.  Last year, she bloomed in must be the greenhouse!

This next one has always been high on my list because it's so weird looking.  I found it labeled as a 'Maternity Plant' at Walmart only to find that it's a 'Chandelier Plant' Kalanchoe Tubiflora.  At one point, it was like a little bush...

 ...and then got kind of leggy

Shortly after this picture, I cut her back and started another couple of pots.  She doesn't look good at all right now, but decided to bloom anyways.

And what lovely orange blooms they are! 

As for the rest of the succulents...between the greenhouse, the laundry room and the garage, they're still holding their own and looking quite nice considering the weather.

That's it for today, I just needed some color and thought I'd share with you as well!


  1. Plants are so odd sometimes. I have succulents in the garage right now that are blooming, and ya, I'm puzzled. I love that 'Chandelier Plant'. Very cool! I hope the greenhouse holds up till all the plants are in the clear.

  2. My Mother of Kajillions is ready to burst forth on her blooms right now! It has sent up the long stalk, and I can see the any day now! Do you know I have jillions of these tubifloras, and never has one of them bloomed! You are so lucky (or putting me to shame)...hehehe!!! It is too cold here also...going down to 39 tonight. I just want to stay in the warm house and under the blankets!!!

  3. My Mother of Kajillions (love the way you put that!) was getting ready to bloom and then it got too cold and she got a little beat up. :( There are a kajillion babies underneath her, so I'm keeping them covered and hoping for the best. I might go dig them up today so I can bring them in. It's got to be the greenhouse, becuase my Tubifloras didn't bloom last year when I brought them in the house...weird is all I have to offer!

  4. I love it when succulents bloom. It always surprises me with those tall shoots. Look forward to seeing all your succulents in the warm weather that can't come fast enough for me!