Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Review - Slay It with Flowers

Not happy that it's taking me a week to finish a book, but I finally completed Slay It with Flowers by Kate Collins this afternoon during volleyball practice. 

From the back cover:  Near Mrs. - Abby's latest gig is the perfect marriage of her talents.  Not only does her bride-to-be cousin, Jillian, want Abby to be a bridesmaid - she also wants her to sign on as floral designer and sleuth...

Though nearly once a year Jillian has agreed to marry a different man, she has yet to make it to the altar.  But this time, it's cold dead feet that may stop the wedding.  Before the couple says "I do," one of the groomsmen disappears and another member of the wedding party is found dead.  Luckily for Abby, she has plenty of help - including her brassy been-there-done-that assistant, a hunky bar owner with a penchant for love and justice, and her own family.  Together, they aim to unveil the truth...and make sure the bride still gets her day to shine.

My take:  Slay It with Flowers is the second in Kate's A Flower Shop Mystery series.  I think I enjoyed this one even more than the first!  Abby does not "meddle", or at least she would like to think she doesn't.  She can't resist a challenge though and this time finds herself in quite a mess.  While she's trying to find out who murdered one of the groomsmen, she winds up in the middle of another mystery in town...this one with deadly consequences.  The only thing that I was bummed about on this one was that I didn't have the third one with me when I finished this one!  That one is of course next on my list...


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  1. That has happened to me before with books in a series! I HATE not having the next one ready to go when you discover how great the series is!!! These sound really fun to read!!!

    I have finally started carrying around (in my purse) a paperback to read when I have snippets of time...right now I am reading 'Riding The Bus with My Sister' by Rachel Simon...a true life story! So far it is VERY GOOD!