Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Monday

I know today was Tuesday, but it definitely made up for having the day off yesterday and then some!  Even though I have a "desk job", I rarely sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time...I like to get up and move.  Knowing that, the 2 hour and 15 minute meeting I was forced to sit in this morning was torture!  A few minutes more and I might have passed out due to lack of food not to mention my foot kept falling asleep.  The afternoon flew after that, and I was really excited when co-worker called me on my way out the door to remind me that it was another co-worker's birthday...one who happens to have caught the "Succulent Bug", so it's only natural that I volunteered to put a succulent dish together for her.  I really tried to get out of Home Depot with just her stuff, but a tiny Hawthoria made it's way into my basket.  I'm being lazy and haven't downloaded the picture, but maybe I'll get one with her tomorrow and I can post it then. 

Tonight's going to be short, my children are acting like they escaped from the book 'Where the Wild Ones Are'...I think that's the title anyways and my dryer keeps beeping at me...

I'll leave you with a photo of one of my favorites...if you can't tell, they're ALL my favorites!

This is my 'Donkey Ear' Kalanchoe last summer.  My mother and I saw this at Rainbow Gardens last year, looked through them all to find the ones with the most babies on the leaf edges and the rest is history.  This is a great one because I get to share it with friends without mutilating my plant!

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  1. How nice to make a succulent dish for your co-worker! I like your gorgeous Donkey Ear Kalenchoe! I need one of these. I would like to give up all succulents now, except Kalenchoe...have I lost my marbles?????