Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Hibiscus!

A co-worker friend and I decided we "needed" to make a run to Schultz Nursery down the street from our office during lunch before the rain made it our way.  I really was hoping to find some succulents so I could work on my hanging baskets for the front porch...none that I needed, but we stumbled on some lovely Hibiscus bushes and both took home two!  I saw this one first, she's a Flamingo Plume...had to have the ruffles!

She looks a little coralish here, but she's just a pretty shade of pink with a lot of fluff! My friend spotted a gorgeous one called Mrs. Jimmy Spangler, and helped me sort through them to find one for me to bring home.  Mine doesn't have any open blooms to show, but she's got a dark pink egdge with an orange center...will compliment this one nicely.  Now, where to put them!

Orange Sherbert                                                               
Dark Orange
They both grow on the same tree...below is what she looked like at the end of the season lasts year. She's much larger this year, but needs to be tamed before she's ready for pictures!

This one is potted with a solid deep red one.

I saw a really cool Pitcher Plant, but at $45, they could keep it! I'll keep working with the one I have before I'm willing to spend absurd amounts of money on something I know very little about.They did have some gorgeous Kalanchoe Donkey Ears and Fangs...big ones, but I exercised self control even though they are giant compared to mine! Next week, we're going to hit Shades of Green in search of the Flame Bouginvilla...a must have for three of us in the office!

Have a great night!


  1. These hibiscus are gorgeous!!! That top one is just stunning!

    Fangs??? Wow...such names!!! LOL!

    Is the Flame Bouginvilla thornless?

  2. Have you see the Kalanchoe Fang? You'll have to Google's leaves are shaped like shovels and they have bumpy ridges along the edge and underneath! I haven't figured out how to propagate them yet...the leaf thing doesn't seem to work with these guys. You'll want one of them too!!

    I don't think so, I think it's blooms are just a deep red color. My Torch Bouginvilla is thornless, but I'm waiting for some more blooms before I post her.

  3. These are so beautiful! Wow! And what a variety of names. The yellow one on the bottom is my favorite with the red center! Wow!