Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Special Delivery!

I was delighted (that's putting it mildly) this afternoon when I checked my mail.  Expected the usual humdrum Wednesday junk mail, I was pleasantly surprised to find a little box tucked in amongst the junk mail! Julie from, A Succulent Life, had offerred to send me some of her 'Mother of Millions', Kalanchoe Daigremontiana, and today they arrived!! Want to see them???  She also included two other little succulents, but we're not sure what they are yet.  Oh...did you want to see them?

A lot of the little babies, thinking about 20 fell off in shipping, so they're now laying on the dirt just waiting to take root!  I've been looking for one of these for 2 years now, so I'm very excited to have one of my own now.  I put the other two in a pot together for now.  The larger one looks like a type of Aloe, but I'm not too familiar with the Aloe group, so I'm not sure.  Looking forward to watching them grow!

Julie,  thank you again for being so generous to share and wow are you quick!  My husband was amused and probably a little shocked that I got plants in the mail.  Needless to say, as soon as I opened them up, pots and dirt followed right behind and now they're happy on the back porch. 

To make the day better, the countdown is closing in for my mother to get here...2 1/2 days to go!  Because I know that I tend to sidetrack easy, I thought I'd get a headstart on the cleaning task...yuk! Tonight, with my girls help, we got the upstairs completely done and tomorrow will tackle the downstairs.  Times like these are when I love my little thankful that it's relatively easy to keep clean and if I put my mind to it, I can have it sparkling in 3 hours!

Have a great day!

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  1. WOW! That was quick!!! Glad they got there relatively unharmed! Gosh...I only mailed them Monday morning!!! Amazing! Hope you have a good visit with your Mom! I, too, have a small house, and feel the same way as far as cleaning goes. The smaller, the better, in my estimation!!! LOL! Hopefully we can find the ID's on those other two plants!