Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pizza Tuesday

I'm much to predictable, I think.  This morning, I pulled fish out of the freezer and went on my way.  When I got home, I said something about not really feeling like cooking, but that I had pulled out the fish.  My husband reminded me that's it's Pizza Tuesday and asked why would I be cooking.  You don't have to tell me twice!  Now for the predictability...I ordered the usual half cheese/half pepperoni from my usual place.  When I walked in 20 minutes later, one of they guys, smiles at me with a box in his hand and asks how I'm doing.  When I realized it was my order, I quietly asked him, "Please tell me you saw me walk in and didn't recognize my car."  Fortunately, he just saw me walk in!  I'm there every Tuesday and most Friday's when the girls are home, when I call, Bonnie knows what I order just by seeing my name on the caller id...it used to just be my voice and then they went and got techy on me.  It's probably sad, but I think I'll just embrace it!  If you're ever in San Antonio, look up Pizza Italia...you won't be sorry!

The guinea girls were making a fuss, so I got out Miss Hedgie, and man does she need some work!  She is by far the most talkative little thing we've had and she's a fidgety little thing...Snowflake justs plops down and cuddles, not this one.  I gave up when Snowflake refused to quit chewing on the cage, that's her way of letting us know that she wants something and she wants it now! Maybe they miss my little one, I know I do!!

I've got to get back to my July budget or I'll never do it.  Meanwhile, we're just waiting to see what Tropical Storm/Hurricane Alex brings us.  Is it too much to ask for the rain to let up so that I can get to and from my car without getting drenched...surely not!

Have wonderful week!


  1. Yeah, Pizza night!!!!! The best!!!

    So, is it raining there already becasue of hurricane effects??? WOW...I am gonna have to keep an eye out on where Alex is heading! I saw in the paper this morning either Mexico or Texas...but I haven't seen an update since. Stay dry and safe!!!

  2. Ha ha! I do that sometimes on Friday. We have pizza Friday. Boy do they get grumpy!

  3. Yes, I think it's landing in Mexico, but we're supposed to get rain through the weekend...who knows! I drove through a nice downpour earlier, but we'll see how bad it gets...we're far enough inland that we won't get too much, we hope! This does mess with my succulent purchases this weekend for my hanging baskets!