Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Succulent Fix...East Austin Succulents

Last week I was really close to shopping for some succulents on EBay.  I exercised a bit of self control and was rewarded with an email from East Austin Succulents letting everyone know that they were having a sell.  My friend Amy and I did the only logical thing any succulent obsessed gardener would do...we hopped in the car and made the hour and a half road trip to Austin!  They had moved since the last time we were there, and I had really been wanting to see their place as well.  I remembered my camera this time.  These are just a few shots of their lovely new greenhouse.  This top one is an aloe that I also snapped a picture of the name tag.  It's one I'll be looking for.

Aloe Ramosissima

This next one is full of one of my favorite Kalanchoe's...Kalanchoe beharensis 'Fang'.  This is an entire little tray of starters and they were lovely!  I wanted to touch them all!

Now for what I brought home...

A Kalanchoe of some sort...it's not the panda plant because it's much fuzzier than that.  I'll figure it out eventually!  My main concern was that it was one I didn't have and I wasn't about to leave it there.

I think this next one is in the gasteria family or something like that.  She's nice and fat and a very nice color!

Another Kalanchoe...I think this one is referred to as 'Copper Spoons'.  I like it and can't wait for it to get big!

This one might be in the sennicio family, but again I'm not really sure.  The one laying flat obviously fell over and started rooting on it's side.  Amy's looks much more "put together", but I needed this one!

A little Stapelia, Stapelia scitula, love it!!  I googled it, and I can not wait to see it bloom.  It's blooms have the foul smell like the 'gigantea', but on a much smaller scale. 

I don't know what these next two are.  They're fuzzy...one's serrated and the other is more smooth edged.  The bottom one has a bloom and it looks like it's going to be rust colored.  I'll share that as soon as it opens.

My luck with aeoniums hasn't been great, but I couldn't pass up a fuzzy one!

Another Kalanchoe that I might have, but then again, it could be one Charlie ate and I just haven't noticed.  Either way, this one has a bunch of pretty little blooms just about to open, so it only made sense to bring her home.

I think this one is a Crassula.  I had one this past summer, but the intense heat of the crazy summer burned it right up.  I'll be more careful with this one.

And my most odd find on this trip...a variegated Kalanchoe beharensis 'Felt Leaf' or 'Elephant Ear'.  I have the normal one, but this one is variegated and I really needed it.  In fact, I had already paid for my original purchases and spied this lovely when I was taking pictures of Eric's other lovely succulents. 

Had Eric been there, I most likely would have come home with all the names, but the name hunt is part of the fun. 

If you're in Austin, you'll want to take a detour and stop by East Austin Succulents.  For me, it's well worth the drive to spend the hour or so perusing through the interesting and sometimes special finds. 



  1. you found some more beauties!!! Gorgeous!

  2. I can give you names unless you like the hunt!

  3. My goodness did you find some lovely succulents. What a great place to go visit and buy some pretties! I love all the succulents you got. Lots of kalanchoe's! Yea!