Monday, January 30, 2012

Kalanchoe Pinnata

Last week, I saw this really cool bloom on an equally cool Kalanchoe that guess what...I didn't have!  I wish I could remember the blog, but I'm pretty warn out right now, so maybe it will come to me later.  I know I follow it, which makes my "I'm tired" pretty sad, but the more important thing right now is that I found one of my own! 
After a quick lunch on Friday, we realized that we still had a full half hour left and made a mad dash to Schultz Nursery.  They don't always have a wide variety of succulents, and it's still not time for them to have them in the first place, but it's close and I generally have good luck here.  Friday was no exception.  We walked in and I immediately saw her...

It so happens that East Austin Succulents is one of their suppliers and this was just brought in.  They had no clue what it was, much what it's cutesy blooms look like.  A quick Google search on my phone confimed that this was indeed the plant that I thought I'd have to search months for. 

According to another website I was on, it's also called a 'Miracle Plant' and a number of other neat names.  I personally like 'Mexican Love Plant' and 'Floppers'  I found some neat information on it on this website Gardening On Cloud Nine and Garden In Paradise is the blog I originally found it on.  Kimberly has the pretty blooms on her blog.  

The dogs are driving me bonkers and the kids have resorted to calling me on the house phone from their cell phones...I can take a hint...Mandytime is over!

Good Night...


  1. Ooooo I can't wait to see the blooms! Looks like a great plant and it's great that you found it!

  2. Well, congrats on finding it so quickly!!! I love the balloon-y type blooms!!! I saw this post on the other blog and thought I needed one too, but I am so badly ignoring my sux on the back porch...maybe while I am off work I will try to make something cool for a new container planting or a miniature garden again! That was fun! Anyway...I hope you enjoy your new baby and get some of those awesome blooms to show us soon!!!