Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Puppy Damage

The four legged kids are driving this two legged momma batty!  I wondered why they were being so quiet the other day and a peek around the side of the house explained it all. 

I keep all my extra plastic and little terracotta pots in my tiny greenhouse that I used a few years back.  Basically, it's just a shelving unit with a plastic cover that I started using for the pot storage.  I put the cover on it so that rain water wouldn't accumulate in pots.  Thing One and Thing Two however thought it had a much more useful purpose...shredding the plastic so they could then rip apart and disperse the plastic pots all over the yard. 

All the pots are now in a large plastic tub that is secured tightly on the porch.  I'm thinking that I've pretty much puppy proofed the backyard unless they decide they need to rip out the few things that I do have in the ground.  Fortunately, they've not showed any interest in these and they've had ample opportunity. 



  1. Oh goodness!!! These puppies are keeping you busy, Mandy! Heavens!!!

  2. Boy did this bring back memories, my dog would run rings around the movie Marley and Me........ good luck