Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Beds for the Puppies

At the beginning of January, I picked up a new "living room" bed for Charlie, and he really does enjoy it.  Molly always opts for the carpet, so I really wasn't worried about getting her one.  That was working all well and good until I rearranged the living room and Molly discovered the "cool" bed!  Charlie wasn't really appreciating her in his spot, even if he wasn't laying in it to begin with, so we picked her up one today.  Molly likes to lay up on things, so we went for one with the raised edges.  She's been trying it out in spurts this evening and so far, so good!

Of course, Charlie needed to check it out to make sure it passed his approval as well.  Molly wasted no time in trying his out again as well.  She didn't get to lay there long once he realized that she had his spot. 

Of course these are just for their family time naps.  At night and during the day, they are still in their kennels.  At eight months, there are no unsupervised house visit for these two hooligans!

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