Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kalanchoe tubiflora 'Chandelier Plant'

I was trying for record heights with my 'Chandelier Plant' this year.  Note the key word "was" trying.  Everything was going quite well until the dynamic duo fell into it Wednesday this week and well, let's just say I'll be starting from square one again.

This is the most recent picture I had of it, not too tall, but it was getting there.  I thought I had another picture, but this is the only one I can find.  It's the one right at Molly's ear, the stalks were starting to curve under it's weight. 

This is what I found when I walked out to get them for bedtime in the kennel...grrrr!

The pot was upside down and everything in it strewn all over the porch and carried over to the yard.  I must be mellowing or finally accepting the fact that this could happen more frequently than not for the next year and a half with the dynamic duo because I was actually pretty calm.  I just stood there and breathed for a few seconds and then reminded them that , "good puppies don't knock down, play with or eat mommy's plants".  I think they're getting the picture, or maybe I'm just more delusional than I will admit!

The good thing with this particular plant is that it's quite invasive and all I need to do is break apart some of the rescued pieces and stick them back in the dirt.  I would have cut it back for winter storage, but that would have been on my own terms. 

Today, after getting into it and having to be sprayed with the hose to let go of each other's faces (all over a bone disagreement), I discovered they had also managed to knock down my Texas Sedum that I had on the top shelf down in the ruckus.  I'm guessing one of them hit the shelf in their argument and knocked it down because it wasn't mauled necessarily, just snapped in half.  In addition to their hosing down, they got popped on their backsides and received a stern lecture on what was accepted behavior and what was not.  They also lost their bones for the day...silly little giant puppies!

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  1. Well, howdy!!! Those bad little puppies!!! Knockin Mommas succulents around like that!!!
    Good thing that are so quick to re-root!!!
    Sorry for the misfortune though!
    Hope all is well with you otherwise. How are the guineas???