Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teenage Torture, WWF and a Bloom

As I type this, my head is recovering (or trying to) from the torture my 14 year old just treated me to.  She is very much into hair and makeup now and it seems that I'm her prime candidate to torture.  She tries to get a hold of her little sister, but Daughter #2 is not as agreeable as I am.  I'm pretty sure there are bobby pins penetrating my scalp at this moment, but the hairspray is so thick that I'm not sure I could get them out if I wanted to!  First, she sprayed it down and after griping about "your fine hair" she got the curls the way she wanted them.  At one point I could hear my hair sizzle and threatened to hurt her if she fried my hair, "relax mom!".  Sure..... 

While I'm undergoing some Snookie hair makeover, Daughter #2 is in the next room soaking her foot hollering for me to come check something out.  She is my newest Words with Friends (WWF) partner and she scored 30 points on a word against me.  That's her largest point value for one word, so she was a little excited!  I'm still going to beat the pants off of her (in the game), but she'll get me back someday.  At 10, she can already outplay her 14 year old sister on this game so I'm sure it won't be long until the game is a little more evenly matched.

Just one more day of work for me this week...yeah!!  I put in for two vacation days to spend some time with the girls during Spring Break and am also hoping to get my back porch back in order as well as some planting done in the front yard.  Regardless of what we get done, I'm looking forward to two extra days off more than words can express!

I wish I would've gotten a picture of this orchid I saw at lunch today, it was the most incredible shade of blue!  I really wanted it, but at $49.99, it was a bit out of my price range.  I tried to find something online that compared to show you, but came up with zip, zilch, nada!  Maybe I'll stop back tomorrow and get a picture of it while I drool over it again.  In the meantime, you can see my little orchid. 

The lighting was horrible, but here's an up close look at one of the blooms. 

This is my first attempt at orchids, so we shall see.  I'm not sure how well I'll do when the blooms are done and it's just the leaves, but I'm getting a little more patient when it comes to these things.  

Hope you're all enjoying the week!


  1. LOL I sure hope she doesn't fry your hair also. But how fun that you let them experiment. And I didn't realize that spring break was coming up. Hope you have a great time with the girls. Love your orchid and hope you get a pic of the blue one!

  2. Oh, so nice of you to be the makeup and hair guinea pig! Hehehe. Your orchid is very beautiful! My grandson is out this week for spring break too. Sadly I am in orientation at a new job, so I can't do much with him...but he is home with my daughter and his Mom, so they are doing some fun stuff. He doesn't go back till next Tuesday so maybe some fun on the weekend, for sure!

    Words With Friends sounds neat...I will look it up!

  3. The orchid is stunning....... as for the hair the joys of motherhood............