Monday, March 14, 2011

Acts of Violets - Book Review

I'm sure some of you are getting tired of me talking about The Flower Shop Mystery series by Kate Collins, but I'm not!  How does the song go?  "It's my blog and I'll post if I want to, post if I want to.  You could post too but you'd have to read the books?"  Okay, so I think my tiredness has transferred itself to lunatic, but this is cheering me up on an otherwise blah kind of a day...are you still singing?  I am! 

Back to Abby...

I skipped the review on book 4, Snipped in the Bud, but you'll want to read that one's fun!

First, a bit from the back cover.

Abby has been dating Marco- ex-cop, bartender, and all-around hunk - for several months when the Pickle Fest starts. But he's still a mystery to her.  And after he disappears for a day, she's stunned to read in the paper:  EX-COP QUESTIONED IN MAN'S DEATH.  It seems the authorities have found Snuggles the Clown pushing up water-spurting daisies - and Marco was the last person seen leaving Snuggle's house.  Abby knows in her bones that he's innocent.  But why, when his life is on the line, is Marco being so secretive with her?  And who is the attractive woman he escorted to the Pickle Fest?  To do the legwork, she'll have to delve into the eerie clown underworld, where the smiles are fake and everyone has a trick up his sleeve...

My take - Is it repetitive to say that I love, love, love this series?   It's hilarious, and this installment was no different.  It just so happens that this Snuggles character was the same goon who ran Abby off a sidewalk at the beginning of the festival.  She was shocked that Marco would chase the guy down to defend her honor; even more shocked when she found out that wasn't what the encounter was about at all...a bit embarrassed too!  With sheer determination and little option otherwise since Marco couldn't exactly investigate his own case, Abby tackled this case with gusto.  She came really close this time to being the second victim, but her knight with a little k (inside the book) came to her rescue after she came to his! 

This series makes me want to quit my job and find a florist or a nursery to hire me!  Too bad my husband and check book don't see eye to eye with my idea!!  I'll just keep reading...

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