Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunchtime Finds

As promised, I stopped by the nursery down from my office to get a picture of the blue orchid.  Take a close look behind the orchid and check out all those Pitcher Plants hanging in a row! 

Is this not the most gorgeous thing!  They have an abundant supply of Pitcher Plants this year too.

From there, I popped into my favorite Half Price Books.  I started out juggling all my finds in my arms and had to resort to the basket.  The book count ended up at 22 for a grand total of $44!  13 of the books were on clearance for $1 and are all a series that I enjoy reading so no money wasted there.  I got to the counter and as we were joking about it being a good addiction, I said something about picking up so many books when my coupons are at home.  The cashier was really nice and said that someone had left a coupon behind and she'd let me use it...sweet!  My co-workers think I'm a little obsessive.  Maybe, maybe not.


  1. That sounds like the neatest store EVER, Mandy!!!

  2. I am so glad that you went to the bookstore and bought the books. i was so afraid that you were going to tell me that you had gone and paid $50.00 for that gorgeous blue orchid. Books last so much longer and can be shared by others.