Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day

Yes, it snowed in San Antonio!  We've been unusually cold all week, it's been below freezing since Tuesday.  So, when it actually snowed Thursday morning, it stuck!  The girls were super excited, Daughter #1 got to see snow when she went to Ohio last January with Bob, but Daughter #2's never seen it.  Amy was worse than them, so I wasn't surprised when I looked out and saw her in the back yard, I wasn't surprised!  They collected all the snow off the trampoline and Amy "shoveled" it off the driveway to make the cutest snowman in Texas!

I kept telling Amy it was a good thing the girls had her...I was only good for taking pictures and putting the face together!  She brought over olives for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and an apple slice made a great "pouty" mouth! 

Friends from down the street came over for a friendly snowball fight.

Goldie and the boys loved the snow too.  They weren't about to let nothing go by without them being involved.

It didn't last long, but my girls loved every minute of it!


  1. I love that snowman! Looks like everyone had fun.
    My youngest played with friends outside. They got cookie sheets and slid down a hill. Of course, it didn't last too long.

  2. How fun!!! That is the cutest snowman EVER!!!!!

  3. I am green with envy, I am melting wish i was playing in the snow........

  4. I love your snowman! he is just the best! If you want more snow...head this way! lol
    I am now a follower!! thanks for letting me know!