Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pitcher Plants and a ZigZag Cactus!

This has really been a very cool weekend for me in regards to my plants.  First we had the Hoya Kerrii treat and then Saturday, I was forced to make a detur due to a "Plant Sale" sign. Yes, my car made a very quick turn that my girls are still talking about!  This guy was having a plant sale at his house, he has a nursery of sorts in his back yard and I really wanted to take a look at his greenhouse.  While we were back there, I mentioned I had a succulent addiction and he offered to show his to me.  Ok, so most of what he had, I have (imagine that), but what I didn't have was this funky looking cactus they called a Ric-Rac or ZigZag Cactus.  He snipped a piece off and handed it to me!!  Then, he had something that looks like my Chandelier Plant or Magic Tower, only it was huge...he plucked two out of the ground for me as well.  I cut the ZigZag Cactus up to make several cuttings in a pot and the other one's in there as well.  It's been raining, so I haven't been able to really make them at home yet, but they're cozy for now.
I did buy my mother a 'Torch' Bougainvillea.  Go figure, he just cuts them off and sticks them in the dirt and they root...mine have yet to be that cooperative!  But for $5.00 I was excited to get her something that I've really enjoyed. 

I was uber excited Friday evening...I went to check on my Pitcher Plants and one of them has baby pitchers growing!!  I've got some brown pitchers, but I googled it and I guess it happens.  Check them out...

Now I have to go find some meal worms to put in them...I read this online today, it's supposed to give them nutrients or something so they don't turn brown and close up. 



  1. Wow! Two of the plants on my wish list in ONE post!!! I'm in heaven!! Lucky girl! These two plants are so interesting.

  2. Wow awesome! Love the zig zag plant. Must have been a big cutting you got so that you could divide it. Great! And pitchers on your Pitcher plant. So cool!