Monday, September 27, 2010

Mothers and Blogs

Several months ago, my mother created herself a blog.  You might be thinking, "wahoo, big deal, " what you might not know is that my mother is brilliant...just not so much with her computer! I live right at 900 miles away and have been the "chosen one" to walk/talk her through most of her adventures on this computer.  This wasn't a big deal until my dad bought her a Mac. 

This morning she successfully posted and then deleted said post along with her entire blog.  Never one to give up easily, she created another one and got not one, but two posts on there today! She took a stab at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop from last week as well...who cares that she didn't get it up until today! Before I go further, let me say mother is my best friend.  That said, she really can try this girl's patience! I think she got more flustered than I did, but we got the story linked!   Check out her blog here at babybuttsandlittletoessucculents, she's done a great job with it and knowing my mother like I do, she's going to perfect it until it shines!

Tomorrow, we'll work on putting some pictures on her thing at a time!  Oh, and Daddy, if you happen to read this...if I'm going to be able to properly assist your lovely wife, I'll be needing a Mac! 

My Mother and My Two Favorite Girls

It's a good thing that I set Hawaii Five-O to record tonight!  Have a wonderful night everyone!



  1. Awww, what a wonderful blog your mom has! And how great you are to help her from so many miles away. Yes, I think a new Mac should be your prize.

    Beautiful photo!

  2. I love your note to your daddy. You have more patience than I do. I am just trying to teach my mom how to leave comments on my blog. LOL. Good Luck!