Friday, September 17, 2010

I Heart My 'Sweetheart' Hoya!

I know I'm loved, but today God reminded me that I'm His favorite! I realize that all His kids are His favorites, but for a brief was just me! 

A few weeks ago, a coworker sent me a picture of a plant she had got at the flea market and the lady called it a 'Queen of Hearts' succulent.  I couldn't find anything on line by that name, and that perturbed me...the hunt was on! Last night I finally found what I was looking for and it was called a Hoya Kerrii 'Sweetheart' Hoya.  This is the same thing that Amy saw a few weeks ago at Rainbow Gardens, but didn't pick it up.  Fast forward to today.  I stopped by Rainbow Gardens to get a hanging basket and a Patchouli Plant for my mother.  My dad's coming in for a quick trip this weekend, so I wanted to send one home for her.  I also found us another Goldfish Plant as well since ours aren't doing so well.  I get to the check out and the cashier asks if it's a Goldfish Plant.  I reply that it is and that I'm hoping not to kill this one.  After a little discussion, I mentioned that now I was after the 'Sweetheart' Hoya and she replies that she has one at home.  Abbreviated conversation...

Me:  "You're kidding!  Where'd you find it at?"

Cashier:  "You know, it's really not doing that well for me, do you live near bye?  I can bring it back after lunch and I'll give it to you."

Me:  "I live around the corner, and I'd love it!  Are you sure though, they're a gem!"

Cashier:  "Sure, I saw a customer come through with it and I had to have it, but it's not doing much for me.  It's not dead, but I'd much rather someone have it that can work with it."

Me:  "Wow!  I'll come back at 3.!"

How cool is that!  Just last night I realize what it is, resisted the temptation to order one off of eBay and God just gives me one today!! 

We talked about one of my other favorites, the Kalanchoe 'Donkey Ears', and I figured she's a succulent lover as well.  When I went back, I asked her if she had the Mother of Millions and she's never even seen it.  I'm going to take her some babies this weekend...I still can't believe she just gave it to me!!
Hoya Kerrii 'Sweetheart' Hoya
Hoya Kerrii 'Sweetheart' Hoya
The best part is that I was able to pull out a section to pot for my dad to take home to my mother! 

The girls are feeling much better...this is looking to be a wonderful weekend!  We'll just get to spend a few hours with my dad, but we're going to enjoy every minute of it.  He'll be happy that I only have three plants for him to take home unlike my mother's car load she came home with in July!


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  1. Well, God was surely smiling down upon you today!!! That is a gorgeous specimen! I just adore Hoya's. This one is so special with it's heart shaped leaves! It looks VERY healthy too!!! Congratulations!!!

    Glad the girls are feeling better!!!