Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pitcher Replacements

Several months ago, I posted about the disaster with my Pitcher Plants.  Evidently, they don't take to kindly to temps below 65 degrees or so and certainly did not appreciate a night at below freezing without a heater.   I'm pretty sure this happened before my heater incident, this time I think I just forgot to turn it on.  It just so happened that I needed a walk through a nursery down from my office to calm myself over my lunch hour, and would you believe what I found for 20% got it, Pitcher Plants!!   I was able to replace both of mine for what I thought was a decent price.  The larger one with the ruffles on it didn't have any pitchers yet, but it was really nice and full with the promise of plenty of pitchers!

The one with smaller pitchers has several that are brown and will have to be cut off sooner or later, but like the fat one she promises new ones as well. 

For now, they're going back and forth from the house to right outside the door.  Hopefully within the next few weeks, the nights will also warm up enough for them to move to their home under the tree.  I just adore these little guys!


  1. I like the pitcher plants. These look really nice. I think that by the time I see them in real life, they should be full of pitchers. Mine are looking okay. I am hoping for more pitchers on mine this year.

  2. I have seen them a number of times but each time, I always think they are such unusual looking plants...

    It will be warm soon, and they will be happier.

  3. These are soooo cool! Love them!!! That plant shop down from your work probably knows you by name, girl!!! LOLOL.

  4. I am so glad you found some new precious plants. I hope the weather gets good enough soon so you can keep them outside.