Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lesson Learned - Writer's Workshop

Mama's Losin' It

This year, I bought myself a portable greenhouse and was very excited not to have to cart things back and forth from the garage.  Even better, my husband was thrilled not to have his garage overran with my plants.  Everything was going smoothly until record breaking (to my memory) low temps hit our normally warm city for a solid week.  By low temps, we're talking 20's, but that's not normal for us.  I had already bought a little heater for the greenhouse becuase my succulents don't like to be below 45 degrees.  Very diligently, I would go out and turn it on and then adjust it before bed.  I managed to still kill my only two Pitcher Plants, of course it would be some of the most expensive to bite the dust first.  I added another heater for the week of the artic blast and on the first night felt real smart when I went to bed with them both running.  It wasn't until the next morning when the blow dryer wouldn't work that I knew we had a problem.  I put the two heaters on the same outlet and evidently you can do that without blowing a fuse. 

Before Freeze

After Freeze

Major losses in the greenhouse, I was in the depths of dispair, yes, the depths of dispair for days after this.  I'd go out and just stare at them and remind myself that that was a pretty idiotic thing to do.  Finally I came to my senses and cut all the frozen damage off so maybe, just maybe the little darlings will grow back.  We'll see. My husband ran another extension cord for me and they ran fine after that, but the lesson was learned...never, ever put two heaters on the same extension cord.

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  1. Poor plants! I think it's been colder than usual weather everywhere this year!

    I hope some of them recover :)

    Visiting from Mama Kat's

  2. Oh, man. I would totally have done the same thing... and that's why my husband won't let me have a greenhouse of my own.

    I don't know, I always think I've killed things and they bounce back. Have faith!

  3. Your plants will be good as new!!! Sorry about your heater mishap...these things always have to happen right when you think all is well. What a pain, eh???

  4. Awe honey I am so sorry. But don't worry I think they will come back. Just clean up the dead stuff so they don't get bugs and I bet you will see new growth when it warmer. I have been worried about getting a greenhouse for just such a reason. It's like they are your kids kind of.

  5. I notice that even though all mine are in the sunroom, a few of mine that are closet to the windows are not looking so good. So i quickly replaced them to sunnier areas. I just can't wait until the baby butts and litle toes are in the stores again.