Sunday, October 7, 2012

Front Yard Succlents Update

It's been so long since I've posted, and since one of the last comments was asking how my front yard succulents were doing, I thought I'd start there.  These were all taken at the beginning of August, so they'd had about five months to take root and get happy.  There is noticible growth in most since my first post Front Yard Succulents

View From Street
View from House
I was shocked that the majority of them held in there during the intense heat of the summer.  I have also come to face the sad fact that aeoniums and a number of the hen and chicks just aren't cut out for San Antonio summers. 

The purple 'Kalachoe' is crazy!  I'm not sure this was a good choice to put in the ground since she's so lanky, but she's very happy.

These are all happy.

The Senecio fulgens in the middle is doing good, as is the purple echeveria and the 'Wooly Rose' Echeveria in the back. 

The Echeveria in the front corner is getting huge and is the Golden Sedum and Senecio that are to it's right and left.  This corner gets the most sun, so my choice was a good one with these.

The Echeveria in the middle and far right corner are still doing really good.  The red Hen & Chicks, not so much.

Aeonium 'Kiwi' is not real hardy right now, but she's still trying.  The Kalanchoe 'Panda Plant' is hanging in, I expect to see more growth in the cooler months out of both of them. I believe it's a Senecio in the top left corner, and she's really spreading out.

The Echeveria in the right corner is still going strong.

The large one at the top got attacked and is no longer in the bed.  The Hen & Chick in the front corner tried to hang in there, but the heat won. 

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  1. I cannot grow Hen and Chicks or aeonium here either...don't know what I do wrong, but it is never a good thing! We just both need to move somewhere between Cindy and Candy in California! LOLOL.