Sunday, July 1, 2012

Epiphyllum 'Curly Locks'

Recently I relized that I'd been missing the blooms on my Epiphyllum guatemalense 'Curly Locks', but was excited to see a ball that got pinker each day.  After a bit of Googling, I discovered that it was a seed pod. 

I drug Amy, my neighborbor friend, out to the back to participate in the big event...the seed pod removal!

Next, I sliced it open, and was thrilled that it really did look like a kiwi fruit.

The pulp scooped right out with a spoon.

The pulp was really ooey gooey, and after trying to mush them up like the online instruction said, I ended up soaking them for week to separate them.

I planted them over two took forever to put these tiny seeds on the dirt with tweezers.  They are already starting to sprout.  I did three sections the first night, and even since this picture they've grown more! The sections I planted just a few nights ago already have sprouts! I put three or four seeds in each section.  There were still a number of seeds left and those went in the green pot you can kind of see next to this thing. 

This is extremely exciting in my book!  Just think how many baby 'Curly Locks' this succlent momma could end up with if all goes well! 

A littel side note on the blooms, I would have seen the last one except the darn thing opened the last weekend that we went to the coast.  I thought about staying to see it, but didn't think my husband would have appreciated that.  I did notice yesterday though that I have two little blooms just starting again.  They only bloom at night and are just a have to be quick to see these darlings! 

Happy planting!


  1. Is this fruit called Dragonfruit??? Sure looks like it! Edible??? Hmmm...

    How awesome they are sprouting up so well for you, Mandy! You will see the blooms sometime soon, I'm sure! It is a very attractive plant, for sure with it's curly locks!!!

    Hope all is well with you, and say hi to your Mom. Now that I am not working again, I must send her a big surprise in the mail...I will do it this week!

    xoxo- Julie

  2. You must be the most patient person that I know.

  3. Very interesting post Mandy! LT

  4. The fruits look very much like the dragon fruit that we cultivate for consumption. It is much larger. The red ones are delicious.