Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Plant Fairy

Last week I ran into my neighbor down the street, and of course we started talking plants.  I didn't see much of her during the winter, and right before it got cold, she had given me several cuttings of different things.  Thanks to the heater mishap, I lost almost all except one of the plants she had given me.  She mentioned that she was going through her plants because her and her husband plan to travel a bit this summer in their new RV and asked if I wanted anything.  Of course!!  I told her I'd take anything that she wanted to get rid of.  I pulled in the driveway Thursday night and it looked like the Plant Fairy had made a stop at my house.  Oddly, I didn't think to take a picture of it all together, but here are some different shots of what she left. 

There's a huge Epiphylum oxypetalum 'Night Blooming Cereus' that Amy and I took apart tonight.  She's lovely like this, but needed a little attention and cleanup.  We can't wait for her to bloom, Amy's a bit more excited because she's had one that bloomed in the past.  Me, I'll be the loon up till midnight or whenever to get the full bloom on camera!

She brought more of the Heurnia schneideniana 'Red Dragon Flower'.  The funny thing with this one is, when when brought me the first cutting I wasn't too sure about it.  As I've watched mine, and of course Amy's do way better than my own, it's really grown on me and I was thrilled to get more.

Ignore my nasty, unorganized husband is always after me to clean it up, but it never seems to stay that way.  I had to be able to show off the really long piece and this was the quickest option.  Of course, she's already been separated with new pots started as well. 

Here's a grouping of several of the others that she brought.  We separated the Kalanchoe tonight as well, everything else will have to wait.  One thing I'm really excited about are the Neomarica gracilis 'Walking Iris'...those beauties have a perfect home waiting for them under the Crape Myrtles that line one side of our backyard.  I googled them and can't wait for them to bloom...gorgeous!! 

We finished up well after dark both nights, so we failed to get pictures.  We both have our little "nursery" sections in our backyards where we are growing the new guys along with other things we have going.  They're all tucked away and ready to grow!

Have a great week!


  1. You are so lucky!!! LOL. It helps when people know you are a plant person! Good luck with all your new babies...and of course, I am thrilled to be hearing that you will stay up all night to get a pic of the night blooming cereus!!! Can't wait to see!!!

  2. That was so sweet of her! You do have a fairy godmother! LOL My epiphylum blooms stay pretty until about noon so you may not have to stay up all night!