Monday, May 9, 2011

It's a, it must be a moth!

Saturday evening, my friend, Amy, and I were sitting on my back porch when she thought she saw a hummingbird hovering around my petunias.  I grabbed my camera real quick and started shooting away.  It had the prettiest little wings and I snapped away as it went from the petunias to the Esperanza.  The guys even humored us and looked at the pictures I caught.  Only after looking at the pictures a little closer, I realized it had four wings and antennae.  It must have been a moth, but I'm not sure even about that.  I just thought it was the prettiest little thing and thought I'd share.

Petunias and Wandering Jew
From this angle, it does look rather hummingbirdish don't you think? 

From this angle though, you can see the four wings and the antennae.

I was excited when I thought it was a hummingbird, a little bummed upon figuring out it probably wasn't, but then excited again at the lovey shots I got of it.  Wouldn't you know though, that the next morning, my husband spotted an actual hummingbird through the window at the Esperanza.  The little stinker flew away by the time I got outside!  It did get my attention though, and there is now a full hummingbird feeder to welcome it back.  I can't wait to get a picture of a real hummingbird next time!



  1. I bet Cindy in California would know exactly what this is!!! I do see the resemblance to a hummingbird in the last pic...that is a strange looking moth, or whatever it is!!! I will ask Cindy to come have a look...I would be interested to see what she says!

  2. Hi, Mandy. You have a white lined sphinx moth, also commomly called a hummingbird moth. Those are great shots, especially given the time of day and low light conditions.

    Their caterpillars are spectacular, by the way. And they get really big. (colors and patterns may vary)

  3. I am excited for you. I have had a few of them myself and I love to watch them. I need to get my feeders full, but by the time I get home from painting, all I can do is sit down.
    I am looking forward to the girls coming. I have great plans for them to help me clean out, besides swimming.