Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wrapping Up the Weekend

I've been listening to a teaching on having a good life.  It's based on Exodus 20:8, the Fourth Commandment...keeping the Sabbath holy.  He talks about how we're programmed to think that being busy all the time is some sort of accomplishment, but in reality it's quite pathetic.  God didn't make the Sabbath for Him, but for us.  Throughout scripture, any time that Jesus did any work, be it teaching, healing, etc. you can always find where he then went away and did something, etc. time with His Father or fishing, but he took time to relax and refresh.  I'm only on the second cd, but I was really encouraged to try and get all of my "must haves" done by Saturday so that after church on Sunday, I could just spend it doing what I wanted to do.  I did ok...didn't quite finish the downstairs, but I figure vacumning can be done tomorrow and didn't think grocery shopping would be that big of a deal.  After church, it was nice to not be in a mad rush and have a long lunch catching up with a friend and then spent the afternoon shopping with my girls.  We were really doing good until WalMart had a power outage and we stood in line for 15 minutes waiting for the registers to open back up! Needless to say the last stop of the afternoon took a little longer than expected, but that was ok since nothing really else needed to be done for the day.  Dinner was in the crockpot waiting for it when I plan ahead!

I'm encouraged with the outcome to my experiment, so I'm trying for a repeat...working towards a new habit!  I'm off to download my new Mercy Me cd, Mr. Lovewell...fabulous if you haven't already picked up your copy.

Have a terrific week!!


  1. Mercy Me is awesome! We have been to many concerts (not theirs' though)...and really love The Newsboys! They have a new lead singer and we haven't heard him yet...Peter Furler was still the lead when we saw them, and he is incredible!

  2. Yes, I love the Newsboys...they are one of my all time favorites! My 13 year old actually went to a concert last month here and Mercy Me, Fee, Francesca Batastelli and some others were there...I was a little jealous when I realized who all she got to see and I missed out. This cd is awesome though, so if you see it, be sure to grab'll really enjoy it.