Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pig's Ear is Not a Pig's Ear

I pulled a piece of what I thought was a Pig's Ear out of my rather large plant to share with a co-worker.  I was searching some names on the internet and came across what I had thought was a Pig's Ear, but is in fact a Cotyledon Orbiculata type also known as a Cigarette Plant.  Boring....  I think I've seen where it could be called a Cigar Plant as well, so I'm going to go with that one and call her Havana...Cuban cigars sound much better than a stinky cigarette! Now that that's all cleared up, I'm in search for a Cotyledon Orbiculcta 'Oblonga'...which is what I thought I had, but mine didn't look anything like the pictures I was finding.  Lowe's is normally really good with their names, but there's a first time for everything!

Now to the adventure of the day.  Along with a wonderful husband, I've got two lovely daughters.  The oldest who is 13 needed to have some widsom teeth removed.  My wonderful husband has been out of town all week, so I was going to get to tackle this one alone.  We got there only to find out that she really only needed two taken out on the right side...yeh!  It went off without any problems...another reason to celebrate!  She's up and eating ice cream of all things, she was very pleased when she asked if she could get more than normal, I agreed without a lecture on junk food.  The best part of the whole thing is I got to take two unexpected days off to take care of her!!  My house will appreciate the cleaning it's going to get too. 

I can't post without including one of my succulents, so today's pick is going to be my Kalanchoe Tomentosa 'Chocolate Soldier'  ...I have a thing for fuzzy succulents, and this is one of the best!  It has been trying to bloom for what seems like forever, but they finally opened up yesterday.  I'll take pictures of those for later...not like a normal bloom.


  1. I like your new name for her..."Havana"!!! Very nice! :)

    My chocolate soldier has never bloomed in 3 years I've had her. she is in full sun every day...maybe that is why. Yours looks so big and lush!

  2. I'll go out and take a picture of the blooms and post for you. It's really the oddest thing though, there's no color to the blooms, they're brown and fuzzy, and just barely open up...weird, but very interesting!